Rainbow Cable

Event Sqaure (Ludlow)

Pride-inspired LGBT Foundation Universal 5-in-1 Multi USB Fast Charging Cable.

For every unit sold, £1.00 goes to LGBT Foundation and £2 to PRIDE Ludlow.
This rainbow ‘Equality Wins’ multi-connector cable features USB to Mini USB, Micro-USB, 8 pins, and USB-C charging, suitable for charging all your devices such as smartphones to cameras, video games consoles, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, MP3 players, e-readers and more – faster than the standard USB charging cables.

When purchasing online add your postal address and an extra 50p for p&p when purchasing.
Or come to PRIDE Ludlow's family day on the 27th of August and buy them in person.

1440 mins


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Event Sqaure (Ludlow)